"With THRIVE Express, I can prepare quick, healthy meals that are full of the great THRIVE ingredients my family already loves!"
Holly Cooley

A new way to THRIVE

THRIVE is bringing something new to the table: easy-to-make meals in pouches sized for your family! THRIVE Express products are full of nutritious, great-tasting THRIVE meats and vegetables and just require water for simple preparation in minutes. With 12 entrees, soups, and sides to choose from, it's easy to create healthy, convenient, and well-balanced meals the whole family will love.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is THRIVE Express?

THRIVE Express is THRIVE’s new line of healthy, convenient meal options for the whole family. The 12 products—including entrees, soups, and sides—contain actual THRIVE vegetables, meats, and other ingredients. THRIVE Express was designed for everyday use, which is why it comes in pouches sized for your family and cooks in less than 20 minutes for most products.

2. Where is THRIVE Express produced?

THRIVE Express is not a repackaged product—it is mixed and packaged exclusively at the Thrive Life American Fork facility. Like all THRIVE foods, there is no other product like it on the market, and THRIVE Express can only be bought through Home Party consultants.

3. How many servings does each pouch contain?

Most pouches contain about 4 servings, though it varies slightly depending on the product.

4. What is the serving size for THRIVE Express products?

The serving size is 1 cup prepared for entrees and soups and ½ cup prepared for sides, which is the industry standard.

5. How many pouches come in each box?

There are five pouches per box for single products; a variety pack is also available that comes with 12 pouches—one of each THRIVE Express product.

6. How long is the shelf life for THRIVE Express?

THRIVE Express products are best if used within five years but may last up to 10 years under ideal storage conditions. We use the highest quality food-grade, BPA-free materials for our pouches to create the best possible barrier against air and moisture and ensure a long shelf life.

Also, market research told us that the most important factor for making this product appealing for everyday use (in addition to long-term storage) was taste. Therefore, THRIVE Express uses only the highest quality ingredients and as much THRIVE as possible to ensure that the taste is superb. Although the complexity of preserving products with so many different ingredients while maintaining the highest quality taste prevents THRIVE Express meals from having the same shelf life as some of our individual THRIVE foods, they still have a shelf life that is far longer than similar products, such as store-bought instant meals.

7. Why is THRIVE Express only offered in pouches and not in #10 cans?

The number one goal was to create a product that is tasty, convenient, and long-lasting. Therefore, we created convenient pouches that are already sized for your family and couldn’t be simpler to cook—just pour the contents into a pot of boiling water, cook, and enjoy. The pouches also ensure that you have the perfect proportions of all the ingredients in your meal, so that settling isn’t a problem. Finally, we designed the boxes to have tear-away fronts and fit in standard kitchen cupboards for easy access. Number 10 cans don’t provide the same benefits for easy everyday use.

8. What is the price for THRIVE Express products?

Price varies depending on the product, but a five pack ranges between $22.99 and $36.99 (Home Party price). Variety packs are currently $84.99 for Home Parties. Price ranges from $1.50–3.20 per serving (one cup, prepared), depending on the product. This is obviously very competitive compared to fast food, and is significantly cheaper than many store-bought instant meals. Due to our in-house production and other cost savings, we were generally able to price THRIVE Express products lower than our previous entrée line, even with their added convenience, taste, and quality.